‘Teen Mom OG”s Catelynn Opens Up About Her Battle With Anxiety

During tonight's episode, Tyler's wife met with a counselor to discuss her ongoing issues with the disorder.

Catelynn has courageously discussed her battle with anxiety in the past — but during tonight’s “Teen Mom OG” episode, Tyler’s wife approached the difficult subject with an unfamiliar candor and expressed ways to help cope with this medical condition moving forward.

While the MTV cast member had openly suffered from the disorder earlier in the season — Carly and Novalee’s first meeting and her fears that her relationship with her longtime love would change after their wedding are a couple of reasons for its onslaught — her anxiety (as well as her depression) took a difficult turn when she was preparing to leave her “Tootie” for her week-long honeymoon in Hawaii. However, she did not let it debilitate her — instead, she was proactive about easing her symptoms.

The first order of business: making sure she filled her dosage for her antidepressants and speaking with her longtime counselor Kathleen about her mounting distress surrounding the upcoming trip and the separation from her daughter.

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