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Catelynn Lowell Reveals Her Battle With Depression And Anxiety

After seeking professional help, the 'Teen Mom' cast member says she's finally feeling like herself again.

Catelynn Lowell has used her experience of being "16 and Pregnant" to educate others on the importance of safe sex and help prevent teen pregnancy. Now, the "Teen Mom" cast member is bravely opening up about her battle with depression and anxiety in the hopes of assisting those who suffer from the same medical condition.

"My depression and anxiety were so severe," Catelynn, who is expecting a baby girl with fiancé Tyler Baltierra, tells In Touch in its latest issue. "I didn’t want to live another day."

Catelynn says that her first symptoms were panic and anxiety attacks in the middle of the night. "I couldn't stop crying," she explains. "I felt I'd be better off dead. I needed help."

Then a year ago, Tyler, who Catelynn revealed has also battled depression, made an appointment with a psychiatrist after one of his longtime love's breakdowns. The 22-year-old was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, then prescribed antidepressants and instructed to speak regularly with a counselor.

The regimen has proven beneficial: Cate says life has "gotten easier" and, thankfully, she's starting to feel like herself again.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, or just wants someone to talk to, there are people who can help. Head to for information and resources.