Andrew Piccone

Jawbreaker Reunion Are Empowered On Ecstatic Breakup Anthem 'Small Investments'

JBR premiere their latest single with MTV News.

There comes a point in every breakup where (most of) the hurt and sadness has subsided, and suddenly, you're pissed. That's where we find Jawbreaker Reunion as MTV News premieres the trio's latest single, an empowering and maddeningly catchy breakup anthem, "Small Investments."

"The song was born from a nasty breakup and is really about getting yourself out of the 'mourning' period that most of us inevitably go through afterwards," JBR's Bella Mazzetti told MTV News. "I dug myself out by repurposing the shitty things my ex said during the break up."

The melodic and driving track is fueled by pain, but Mazzetti and co-frontwoman Lily Mastrodimos deliver vocals that are euphoric: less bitter, more bold. "I don't miss you/ No longer want to kiss you," they sing, and it's clear there's no love lost at this point.

"The other person actually did say 'there is such a thing as a small investment' while we were breaking up, and I didn't realize until I was actually writing the song a month later how f--ked up that is to say to a person you're in a relationship with for years," Mazzetti elaborated on the track's inspiration. "The moment I put that line into the song is also the moment that I really knew I was happy it was over. Why would you want to be with a person who delegitimizes your experiences and feelings like that? It was extremely therapeutic and cleansing."

"Small Investments" is the lead track off JBR's haha and then what ;), out February 26 via Miscreant Records.