Andrew Piccone/Jawbreaker Reunion

Jawbreaker Reunion Return With Soaring Rock Ballad 'Cosmos'

'I’m a satellite and you’re the world to me.'

When MTV News spoke with Jawbreaker Reunion, the band were at a crossroads. Two members had just graduated college, and the uncertain threat of post-grad life -- not to mention the pressures of being in a touring, increasingly popular punk band -- loomed high overhead.

Now JBR have reached the other side, and from what we're hearing, seems like things are going juuust fine.

"Cosmos," an intimate, elegant, homespun rock ballad, finds co-frontwomen Bella Mazzetti and Lily Mastrodimos pondering the infinite possibilities of unconsummated love. As Mastrodimos explained to The Line of Best Fit, "Cosmos is about having feelings for someone who seems unattainable... You don't know what to do, or how to proceed, or if what you feel is real."

Romantic and wholly relatable, "Cosmos" is a fitting introduction to the band's forthcoming release, haha and then what ;), out February 26 via Miscreant Records. Listen below.