Adam Green

Yes, That Is Macaulay Culkin Fistpumping In The Uber-Trippy 'Aladdin' Teaser

Talk about a magic carpet ride.

Macaulay Culkin has been popping up a lot lately, hasn't he?

From that epically random celeb selfie with Bob Saget and Seth Green to his revival of Kevin McCallister 25 years after "Home Alone" -- which revealed that the oft-neglected kid basically grew up to be a jittery, murderous maniac, no less -- he's suddenly back in our lives again. Perhaps that death hoax business alerted him to the fact that the world still needs him?

Either way, in this announcement teaser for Adam Green's, erm, unique interpretation of "Aladdin," Culkin is right there, fist-pumping away in a Soviet Military Hat before a wildly colorful papier-mâché backdrop.

If you were left completely confused by everything else about this teaser, don't worry. So were we.

Even Adam Green (formerly of The Moldy Peaches) himself, who's composed and recorded the soundtrack album which he plans to go on a worldwide concert tour with in the spring (seriously), has called this film a "hot mess of a movie," and the behind-the-scenes photos from filming are even more wonderfully WTF than the trailer.

The synopsis for the arthouse flick helps a bit, though, explaining that this is a modern take on Aladdin's story, featuring Green in the title role with his highly dysfunctional family in a town run by a corrupt Sultan (a far cry from the cute little dad version in Disney's animated film).

The pic, which Green describes as a "hyper-sensory, poetic and humorously subversive take" on the classic "Arabian Nights" tale, also stars Alia Shawkat, Zoë Kravitz, Natasha Lyonne, Penn Badgley, Francesco Clemente and Jack Dishel. It was funded by a a crowd-sourcing campaign which raised over $50k toward its production budget and was shot at a 6,000 square foot warehouse in Brooklyn using handmade sets and props.

As Kevin McCallister might say, we'll "give it a whirl."