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Lady Gaga Is An Actual Hourglass At The Golden Globes


It's a big night for Lady Gaga as many are guessing she'll walk away with a Golden Globe for her role in "American Horror Story." But of course, Gaga on a red carpet is always an event worth watching, and this one is no different.

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She arrived on the red carpet in a sleek custom Versace gown, naturally. The all-black, off-the-shoulder dress paired with her actually flawless platinum blonde hair fits well with Gaga's sartorial shift from eccentric to classic. Also, that sculpted hourglass bodice? Wow.

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It seems fitting that Gaga went full-on Hollywood glamour for her first award show where she's nominated as an actress -- maybe it's a sign that she'll take home the golden statue? Whether she does or doesn't, the red carpet is a lot more elegant because she's on it.