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Golden Globes 2016: The Best Surprises (And Saddest Snubs) From The Shortlist

Where's the bear?!

The full cohort of nominees for this year's Golden Globes has officially been announced, and as always, there are plenty of the usual suspects on it. (We see you, Leo. We always see you.)

But every big awards shortlist comes with some surprise inclusions -- not to mention some heartbreaking snubs -- and this one is no different. Below, we've rounded up the best and worst of the unexpected.

And the lovely surprises are...

On the small-screen side, Lady Gaga only just stepped into the very big shoes left empty by "American Horror Story" departing star Jessica Lange -- but proved that she's equal to the challenge by netting Lange's spot on the Best TV Actress (Miniseries) shortlist, too. And Aziz Ansari is clearly master of something, because he earned a nod for Best TV Actor (Comedy). Woohoo!

Also, our favorite time-traveling romance featuring men in kilts (and the women who love 'em) made a strong, surprise showing in multiple categories! "Outlander" earned acting noms for Caitrona Balfe and Tobias Menzies, plus a spot on the shortlist for Best TV Drama.

Meanwhile, nobody was shocked to see Alicia Vikander amongst the Best Actress nominees -- but twice? WOW. She earned nominations for both "The Danish Girl" and "Ex Machina," which means that no matter what happens, she has the distinction of being nominated twice in the same awards ceremony for playing both a human being and a robot. Pretty sure that's never happened before.


But booooo to the passing-over of these deserving contenders.

"Room" got lots of love on this year's list, which makes it extra bizarre that its wunderkind Jacob Tremblay didn't get a nod for his performance. And what kind of weirdo world do we live in, where Sylvester Stallone gets a nomination for "Creed," but Michael B. Jordan does not? Ridiculous.

Also annoying: "Straight Outta Compton" got overlooked across the board, despite being one of the most critically-acclaimed movies of the year. "The Leftovers," which was even better this year than last, earned no nominations, either. And while "Mad Max" scored showings in two categories, Charlize Theron's spectacular performance as Furiosa didn't get so much as a wink.

But if we have to pick one snub that rules 'em all, it has to be the egregious fact that the bear from "The Revenant" is nowhere on the list. Not only that, this isn't the first time that the Globes have shown a certain resistance to giving bear performances their due.


Honestly, we're starting to think this might be a case of straight-up discrimination.