6-Year-Old ‘Jihadi Junior’ Called Out By Grampa, Who Says He’s Scared, ‘Doesn’t Know Anything’

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The Boy’s Mother Reportedly Left England To Join ISIS
After disturbing video of a boy — thought to be 5 or 6 — wearing fatigues and calling for killings in Allah’s name emerged over the weekend, the child’s grandfather has spoken out. Sunday Dare told England’s Channel 4, “he’s my grandson… I can’t disown him… he doesn’t know anything. He’s a small boy. They are just using him as a shield.” Dare said he recognized the boy — who is not being named because of his age — as the son of daughter, Khadijah, who reportedly converted to Islam several years ago and moved to Syria to become a spokesperson for ISIS. The boy has been pictured in the past holding an AK-47 rifle and he warns in the video, “we are going to kill the kafir (non-believers) over there.” In another interview, Dare said the boy begged for help just days before the video was shot.

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