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President Obama On Gun Violence Measures: Lobbies 'Can't Hold America Hostage'

The POTUS previewed his plan for reducing gun-related deaths in the U.S.

In preparation for the coming proposal of a series of executive actions to reduce gun violence in America, President Barack Obama is laying the groundwork for what's to come with a series of Twitter truth bombs that help to put his plan into early perspective.

Obama will present his new initiative -- which focuses on fixing the "gun show loophole" to background checks -- on Tuesday (Jan. 5) and sit down for a one-hour town hall discussion on the matter Thursday (Jan. 7), but first he's got a few important bullet points, so to speak, to shell out.

@POTUS had been radio silent since Christmas but dived right back into the business on Monday (Jan. 4) night by first offering a couple of devastating statistics about the current reality of gun violence in the United States.

He then previewed his forthcoming plan for "commonsense steps," noting that it will help to curb shooting-related deaths by "keep[ing] guns out of the wrong hands through background checks" as well as "increase mental health treatment" and correlate that information with background check systems.

Obama also appealed to the public's sensibility and argued that the majority of Americans -- yes, even gun owners -- want to make a change in light of recent events.

Finally, the President put his executive foot down and called out the legislative branch and the sponsorship which beleaguers their potential action on the issue, thereby justifying his need to take administrative steps to compensate.