Action Bronson Wants to Record With Nas, Closing in on a Cooking Show

[caption id="attachment_79651" align="alignnone" width="640"]Action Bronson at Coachella 2013. Photo: Getty Images Action Bronson at Coachella 2013. Photo: Getty Images[/caption]

Indie-rap darling, gourmet chef and friend to sharks? Action Bronson does it all. After releasing Saaab Stories, his joint effort with producer Harry Fraud, the larger-than-life Queens rapper spoke to Hive about his many talents from crooning on Vine to (maybe) replacing Paula Deen.

I know you recorded part of Saaab Stories in Florida with Harry. Did he get you to surf?

My cousin is a professional surfer so I’ve surfed before. I’m not a surfer but I have surfed. I like boogie boarding more. I like being face-first versus standing up. It’s like [being] on a water slide or some shit.

No wonder you made that song “Morey Boogie Boards.” I’m too scared to try something like that after watching Shark Week.

I fucking love Shark Week!

What if a shark attacked you while you were boogie boarding?!

I’m in his home. I can’t be mad if he attacked me. If a shark came to my hood, I might attack him too. I wouldn’t, but I might.

Totally. I love taking selfies on Instagram, but you might be the king. You love those beard shots.

Those aren’t even selfies. I just found out how to search pictures with the hashtag. Someone told me how. So I just search for photos that fans have uploaded and repost them.

You’re rap’s favorite ginger. I’m sorry if that term is offensive.

Nah. My hair is blond and my beard is like red. It has flecks of gray and blond in it though. It’s real exotic.

So you’re not a “ginger”?

No. I am not a ginger.

You are however, a foodie. Since Paula Deen just lost her shows on Food Network, now would be a great time for your own cooking show.

I don’t know if the Food Network is the right home for me, but yeah I’m working on a cooking show. I can’t really speak on the details, but we’re having talks.

I would totally watch that. You’re pretty funny on Vine.

Yeah. I fucking love Vine.

I enjoyed your take on Dru Hill’s “In My Bed.” What’s next? How about some Jodeci?

Yeah. For sure. You got any requests? What song?

I’m a smidge partial to “Feenin.”


Thanks. So what’s up with a full-length album?

Yeah. I’m always recording. There’s no release date but we’re recording.

Is there anyone you really want on your album?

Yeah. Nas. I love Nas. I want to put Nas and Kool G Rap on the same song.

That would be dope. A Queens super-collabo.  Maybe you can make a song like J. Cole’s “I Disappointed Nas” and Nas will jump on it.

Nah. That’s not really my style. I fuck with J. Cole though. All of his radio shit, I sing along to, but I’m not really that kind of dude.

Action Bronson's Saab Stories EP is out now on Vice.