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Burn This Justin Bieber Yule Log Video On Christmas

Have a purposeful Christmas.

You didn't think Justin Bieber would let you get away with just listening to Christmas music on Dec. 25, did you?

Bieber has been subtly tweeting links to his music ever since Purpose dropped in November, and this time, he's giving you a clever way to incorporate his album into your holiday traditions.

Introducing, the Purpose Yule Log.

The log(s) are nestled gently on his OG YT page, kidrauhl, the same channel he got discovered under. He stores most of the good stuff on this account.

Now, the concept of a pop music log isn't that new -- Mariah Carey sells a fiery DVD yule log -- but it's certainly the first free, YouTube kind of log.

There's no matches or ash involved -- just sultry, apologetic pop.

Have a purposeful Christmas, everyone.