Justin Bieber Tries To Comfort Steve Harvey After Miss Universe Accident

'It could of happened to anyone.'

Steve Harvey may have severely apologized after his Miss Universe flub on Sunday night, but Justin Bieber wants him to know that he's been there too, and that it's OK.

As the ceremony's emcee, Harvey has the task of announcing the winner of the pageant. After he crowned the winner, he realized that he had said the wrong name, and had to take the crown from the runner-up and give it to its rightful owner. The video of the whole scene, of course, went viral.

Bieber, who has apologized many times before for various personal gaffs, tweeted early Tuesday morning (Dec. 22) that the best of us still make mistakes. And he saw the whole incident as a way to promote his "Sorry" single.

"Is it too late now to say sorry?" Apparently not anymore.