9 Burning Questions We Need Answered After Last Night's 'Supergirl'

Mostly, we want to talk about Martian Manhunter.

"Supergirl" gave us some major twists and turns in last night's episode: "Human For a Day." We now know Henshaw's true identity. James and Kara still totally love one another. (OK, that one wasn't so shocking.) And, to top it all off, Astra is back in town!

Here are nine burning questions this week's "Supergirl" left us DYING to know the answers to...

  1. Did J'onzz kill Henshaw?

    J'onzz mentioned that Jeremiah Danvers died to save his life, but he didn't actually say how Henshaw died. Are we left to assume that J'onzz killed him? Did Jeremiah kill him to keep J'onzz safe, and get hurt in the attack? Are we sure that the real Hank Henshaw is dead? If we've learned anything watching superhero shows, it's that people are hardly ever really dead.

  2. Who else knows about J'onzz' true identity?

    Before J'onzz told Alex the truth about himself, he mentioned that only one other person knows it. Who else has J'onzz confided in? Besides, you know, most of America.

  3. Will Alex tell Kara?

    We have a feeling that "Supergirl" is going to use the drama inherent in Alex not being able to tell Kara the truth about "Henshaw" for at least a few episodes before it all comes to a head and Alex fesses up (or Kara figures it out). But maybe not? This show has proven relatively great at eschewing tired superhero tropes.

  4. How will Jonzz' reveal affect his relationships with Alex and Kara?

    J'onzz seems to have a very strong sense of paternal responsibility for Alex. Is the same true for Kara? How will this reveal affect their respective relationships with the man? Will Kara and he find a shared connection over the fact that they are both refugees from planets that have been destroyed?

  5. What does Astra want with Kara?

    For an evil alien intent on ruling Earth, Astra has laid relatively low in recent episodes. What has she been up to? (Besides being evil.) And why does she want Kara now? In the past, she has both tried to convince Kara to join her side and mentioned that she must be punished for her mother's sins. Does Astra feel anything towards her niece? This dynamic has the potential to be emotionally-complex and fascinating, but, so far, has been a bit one-note.

  6. Will James and Kara ever talk about their feels?

    Because #Karolsen seems like they could benefit from a serious talk. Sure, the two have danced around their feelings before, but they've never out and talked about them in any real way. If they keep ignoring the feelings they obviously both have for one another, it's not going to end well for anyone involved.

  7. Does Kara have her supersuit stowed somewhere on her person??

    This is probably just one of those things we have to accept (like no one making the connection between Sueprgirl and Kara), but Kara changed into her Supergirl look really fast in last night's ep. And she took the time to do it even though James was falling down an elevator shaft to his death. Does she have her costume somehow shrink-ified in her pocket at all times? Will she always take time to change into it? The world needs to know.

  8. What's next for Cat and Supergirl?

    Cat defended Supergirl wholeheartedly in this week's episode. Was this strictly a business decision? (Probably not given how you could totally tell Cat loved Supergirl thanking her for her address.) Is this a new era in the Supergirl/Cat relationship? And, tell it to us straight, show: Does Cat totally know that Kara is Supergirl and has just been playing dumb this whole time? (We wouldn't put it past her.)

  9. What else does Maxwell Lord know about Kryptonian powers?

    Dude broke out some serious knowledge about Kryptonian anatomy in this week's episode, mentioning that — when Superman loses his powers — it is usually only for 48 hours. What else does he knows about Kryptonians? Does he know about kryptonite? (Let's be honest: probably.) And what is his next step in the Anti-Supergirl Initiative?