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'Supergirl': 13 Reasons Why Kara and James Are Our New Fave TV Couple

What's so bad about falling?

Have heart, "Supergirl"! In last night's episode, Kara (Melissa Benoist) refreshingly realized that she hearts James (Mehcad Brooks) and totally wants to date him, only to be foiled by the arrival of ex-girlfriend Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan Tatum). The angst hurts so good.


To be clear, we're really excited to get to know Lucy's character. (Any relative of Lois Lane's has got to be a total badass, right?) And we're kind of excited about the complication to Kara and James' already epic star-crossed romance. Because, in the immortal words of Logan Echolls: "No one writes songs about the ones that came easy." BUT STILL.

To distract us from the heartbreak we're enduring only three episodes in, here are 13 reasons why #Karolsen is our new favorite star-crossed TV couple...

  1. He's had faith in her since the very beginning.

    "You’re gonna know when it hits you, Kara. It will be all 'whapow.'" Someone take down the date and time! This is when Kara Danvers started falling for James Olsen.

  2. She trusts him with her secret.

    OK, so technically Clark told him, but she doesn't seem to mind very much.

  3. He isn't intimidated by her power.

    Holy eye contact!

  4. He was bestowing her with awesome gifts from day one.

    "... Along with my heart." (Probably what James followed up with in his head.)

  5. He laughs at her lame jokes.

    Yep, these two belong together.

  6. Don't worry. She laughs at his lame jokes, too.

    "Up, up, and away," James. Really?

  7. Like A LOT.

    That tea thing was barely a joke.

  9. He wants to protect her.

    Which is sweet...

  10. But she's not going to let him use that as an excuse to disrespect her decisions.

    Kara really likes James, but she's not going to let those feelings get in the way of other feelings — like her irritation that someone is trying to make decisions for her. Nope, not happening.

  11. She doesn't want to let go.

    Yeah, so this is from the season 1 trailer and technically hasn't aired yet, but we can't help but post it — it's too adorable.

  12. Neither does he.


  13. To be fair, how could you NOT fall for this woman.
  14. #TeamKarolsen5ever

    Here for it.