'The Originals' Are Coming! Fans From Around the Web Sound-Off


By Amber Lena



It's no secret that "The Vampire Diaries" has an extensive fanbase. An extensive, passionate fanbase. With feelings! When we included "The Originals" in our Fall 2013 must-see lineup, we knew we had to ask the current fanbase just what they thought about this spin-off. Here are what some of you had to say out there in the big, wide Interwebs.

Some of you had a few feelings:

"I'm really excited to see what the CW will do for "The Originals" but hope the creation of the spin-off won't interfere with Klaroline's relationship." - Daisy

"I just hope "The Originals" won't have really long breaks like "The Vampire Diaries"." - Anonymous

"Love Klaus, but I loved the dynamic between him and the rest of the cast. Not sure how either show will be now." - Molly H.

"Beginning a spin-off with a poison pill plot (think Angel's Conor) is possibly the boldest/most idiotic move ever." - R. Dew

"Well, I LOVE Klaus aka Joseph Morgan but watching the show without the Salvatores, Gilberts or Bonnie is kind of sad." - Dimpy A.

And some of you had a lot of feelings:

"I hope they do a better job with Rebekah's characterisation in comparison to "The Vampire Diaries". I hate what the show has done to her post season 3, I hate that she is abused and belittled and not allowed to fight back. I hate that the writers are somehow pushing her as weak when… She’s an original? But I'm really interested in Marcel, he seems a very interesting character and I'm looking forward to him in the new series." - Alexandra R.

"I would like to see more of the softer side of Klaus, and I definitely love the idea of him and Caroline as a couple. I see alot of potential complications for them, obviously, but I am interested to see how it all works out. I would also.like to get more insight on his past, especially of his parents. I am not a fan of Haley, I didn't trust her the minute they introduced her on TVD. I am interested in seeing what their spawn is.. Will it be werewolf, hybrid, or even some kind of new species? Only time will tell!" - Megan G.

"While the Originals were an interesting addition to the show, they eventually began to wear out their welcome. I think that making a spin-off of a show that has slowly began to lose its way over the past few seasons was the wrong decision. The focus needs to be on retooling the Vampire Diaries, not making a whole new show. Plus, Haley is in definite need of character rehab for "The Originals," as she is arguably the most hated character on "Vampire Diaries" in recent memory. And moving forward, that implausible baby storyline NEEDS to go. And breaking up the power couple that is Klaus/Caroline? Big mistake." - James G.

"The problem with "The Originals" is it's not, well... original. And not what I expected when they first announced it. As a proud TVD fan, I'll be the first to admit that I was initially really excited about the prospect of a spinoff series entirely dedicated to everyone's favorite dysfunctional vampire family. All we knew at first was that it would focus on the Originals and be set in New Orleans. Well, that sounds awesome! Right? A lot of us were hoping, after Kol's first/real death, that we were going to get a series that took place in the past, when all the Originals were around and running the show without the silly little Salvatore brothers and Elena Gilbert messing things up for them. Oops, how silly of us to expect something so fun - because then we found out the plot. I wanted to see the badass Originals I know and love wreak havoc on NOLA, not try to save it from a vampire dictator via magical offspring. I don't know about the rest of the fandom, but I know myself and a lot of my friends were very disappointed when we found out that this whole series is happening because Klaus got this werewolf chick that none of us even liked pregnant. Oh well. I'll watch it anyway, because I still love Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah as characters in their own rights, but I have a feeling this plot is going to suck. I guess I'm hoping to be proven wrong." - Shadou C.

"I'm excited but wary. From what I gather, the entire premise of "The Originals" is that Klaus isn't "such a bad guy" as he was made out to be on TVD. Because killing people for completely selfish reasons or no reason at all doesn't make you a bad guy? Don't get me wrong, Klaus is one of the strongest characters on the show, but I'm worried about this whole love-triangle between him, Haley, and Caroline. Admittedly, I'm a Klaroline shipper... but I also still really hate Klaus for everything he has done. I'm worried that this whole budding romance between Klaus and Caroline is going to attempt to make us as an audience completely forgive the atrocious things he's done throughout the TVD series.

I am not at all excited about Klaus' possible future as a father figure. Klaus is a textbook definition of monster. He is the original hybrid. Not a stay at home daddy. I am curious to see what this baby ends up being (vampire, werewolf, hybrid). And that's what worries me. It's entirely jarring to sit and watch an episode through his perspective because we are so used to be left in the wake of the chaos and destruction he causes. I am all for the humanizing of the original family (Elijah loving Katherine even though he's always been the logical brother who scares me more than Klaus does, and Rebekah just wanting to be human, etc.) but I'm not ready to forgive and forget the awful things Klaus has done specifically to Caroline, whom he supposedly loves, and her best friends.

All in all, I am excited to see a different side of Klaus but I'm also afraid that it's going to try to wash out the Klaus that we all know and kind of love but truly hate. I am totally wishy-washy about this whole thing." - Brianna B.

Are you also on the fence? Siding with all the Klaroline shippers? Tune in to the premiere October 3rd to find out what it's all really about.