Fall Preview 2013

25 Movies We're All About This Fall

Our annual list of the Fall's best and brightest including heavy hitters and fan faves chopping their way back to the big screen.

Fall Music: Justin, Katy Perry + More!

We've got everything you need to know on the music you'll need to own.

The Ultimate Fall Movie Preview Guide

For better or worse (mostly better), these are the films that we're going to be talking about for the next 6 months, and most likely will represent the cinema of 2013.

First Look At 'Big Tips Texas'

A group of spirited young women trying to navigate the uncertainty of their early 20s through Jim Beam-colored glasses and a thick haze of hairspray.

MTV Geek's Most Awaited Comic Books

This Fall is a great time for comic fans, with new series and special events on the way. To help guide you through all the excitement, MTV Geek has assembled lists of our most anticipated titles.

MTV Geek's Most Anticipated TV Shows

This Fall, Geeks are ruling TV. From zombies and vampires, to superheroes and airbenders, there's no shortage of sci-fi, fantasy, and weirdness invading the tube.

'Romeo And Juliet' Is Still 'So Relevant'

Hailee Steinfeld talks about her role in the latest re-telling of the Shakespearean tale for MTV's Fall Movie Preview.