Deadpool, Shadowman, And 47 Ronin: New Comics For November 7th

It’s a pretty light week for new comics, but that don’t mean there ain’t too many double negatives in this sentence. The big news is that Marvel NOW! kicks off in earnest with a duo of titles: DEADPOOL #1, and IRON MAN #1. Both are picking up after definitive runs in their previous volumes, and both take different tacts to differentiate themselves.

For Deadpool, you’ve got comedy geniuses Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan, as well as Tony Moore on art pitting the Merc With the Mouth against an army of undead former Presidents. For Iron Man, they shed his supporting cast, and made him look like a bumblebee. Oh, and Kieron Gillen and Greg Land are writing Tony now, so that’s a big draw. Tony Stark, not Tony Moore. I mean, Tony Moore is a big draw, just Kieron Gillen isn’t writing him. We think.

Okay, let’s keep going on the “still delirious after a week trapped inside post-Sandy” parade with DC’s offerings. The excellent “Rotworld” crossover continues in ANIMAL MAN #14 and SWAMP THING #14, sending our title heroes to a world where death has won. Or, if you like AM writer Jeff Lemire and want an entirely different post-apocalyptic world where death has won, try SWEET TOOTH #39, the penultimate issue of the Vertigo series.

Meanwhile, Valiant launches its first new title in a few months: SHADOWMAN #1. Written by Justin Jordan, with art by the amazing Patrick Zircher, it’ll be interesting to see if this book keeps up the trend of solid, accessible titles with clearly laid out, simple ideas from the Publisher. [Spoiler: I just read an advance copy, and it absolutely does.]

Also, if you pick up one, probably under the radar book this week, make it Dark Horse’s 47 RONIN #1 by the brilliant combo of Mike Richardson, Stan Sakai, and Kazuo Koike. That’s three comics geniuses on one book. Cool! You might also want to check out BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: WILLOW - WONDERLAND #1, but only if you read that title and get excited like we do. Otherwise, might not be for you.

Over at IDW, the insanely grotesque MARS ATTACKS #5 continues the martian invasion of Earth; while at Image Comics, HARVEST #4 is the best thriller about organ snatching currently in comics, and MANHATTAN PROJECTS #7 has more insane scientists than you can shake an atom bomb at. Also: do not shake an atom bomb at anything, ever.

That’s it, and we’ll see you next week for more comics!