Visit L.A. In Uncanny X-Force

Marvel writer Sam Humphries takes us behind the scenes of 'Uncanny X-Force.'


Marvel writer Jeph Loeb and editor Steve Wacker tell all about Marvel NOW!'s Sam Alexander!

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Writer Brian Michael Bendis, Artist Steve McNiven, and Editor Steve Wacker take you into space for Marvel's next big comic!

Making Of 'Deadpool'

Writer Davis Posehn and EIC Axel Alonso reveal all on the new Marvel series 'Deadpool'!

Aaron On 'Thor: God of Thunder'

Marvel Now! writer Jason Aaron and company take fans behind the scenes of 'Thor: God of Thunder.'

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  1. Marvel NOW writer Jeph Loeb, editor Steve Wacker, and EIC Axel Alonso open up about Sam...  Read Full Summary »

  2. Go behind the scenes of Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' with Editor Steve Wacker,...  Read Full Summary »

  3. Join Marvel editor Jordan White, writer Brian Posehn, EIC Axel Alonso as they take us...  Read Full Summary »

About Marvel NOW!

  1. Get ready for a behind the scenes look at making comics like never before as Marvel and MTV Geek have once again joined forces to produce Marvel NOW!: Behind the ReEvolution! This all-new video series going behind the scenes of the year's most anticipated comic book event grants fans unprecedented access into the Marvel offices, creative retreats, key planning meetings and creator studios! This new documentary from MTV Geek shows just how NOW! was developed by the brightest minds in comics.

    "This going to be the ultimate jumping in point for anyone interested in comics and a nice peek behind the curtain for the long-term fans," said Axel Alonso, Editor In Chief, Marvel Comics. "If you've ever wanted to be a fly on the wall at one of our top secret meetings--the spirited debates that lead to our best and biggest stories--this is your chance to get an inside look at the future of Marvel. It's called Marvel NOW! for a reason."

    Kicking off in October, Marvel NOW! unites the top talent in the comic industry--including Rick Remender, John Cassaday, Brian Michael Bendis, Stuart Immonen, Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opena & so many more--for the biggest stories of the year. In the fallout of Avengers Vs. X-Men, watch the Marvel Universe rebuild itself in a way no one will ever forget!

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