SoundScan Corrects Albums-Chart Figures: Pussycat Dolls Are Actually #4, Kings Of Leon #5

For the second time in a month, national album-sales figures released Wednesday morning by SoundScan — the firm that tracks and reports record sales in the U.S. — have been revised, making part of our report yesterday incorrect.

It seems that the Pussycat Dolls actually sold nearly 5,000 more copies of their latest LP, Doll Domination, than was originally reported by SoundScan. On Wednesday morning, the chart posted on the SoundScan site had PCD debuting at #5 on next week’s albums chart with 74,000 copies sold, and the Kings of Leon’s Only By the Night opening at #4, with 74,400 copies scanned.

On Wednesday afternoon, the chart figures were revised to reflect the Pussycat Dolls opening at #4 with 79,000 scans, and the Kings of Leon at #5, with sales holding at 74,400. Surprisingly, at press time Nielsen had not sent out an e-mail update, which typically follows chart adjustments; nor had a rep for SoundScan said the additional chart sales were reported late.

Early last month, SoundScan initially reported that the Game’s L.A.X. topped the chart with first-week sales of 238,285, with Slipknot’s All Hope Is Gone debuting at #2, selling 238,272 copies. A few hours later, MTV News was informed that the numbers were off, and that Slipknot actually outsold the Game — the revised sales figures put Slipknot’s scans at 239,516 and the Game’s at 238,382. A representative for SoundScan said the initial sales data was “incomplete,” and added that the long holiday weekend caused delays in sales data being reported to them. The spokesperson also said that the company would be looking into why those erroneous numbers were posted on SoundScan’s Web site in the first place.