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We Now Have A First Look At Gal Gadot In 'Wonder Woman'

Plus, 'Harry Potter' and 'American Horror Story' actors join the cast.

The next two years are going to be huge for the DC Universe. The highly-anticipated crossover film "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" debuts in March 2016, while "Wonder Woman" is currently set for a June 2017 release date.

Back in September, we saw several promo photos of the "Batman V Superman" cast, including Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman's alter ego, Diana Prince. Earlier this past summer, fans at San Diego Comic-Con were treated to a brief glimpse of Gadot-as-Wonder Woman in the "BvS" trailer. However, this new photo, shared by Gadot on her Twitter and Instagram accounts early Saturday morning (Nov. 21) gives us an look into Wonder Woman's own movie.

This photo teases us with Wonder Woman's tiara and arm braces, which her ~mysterious~ black cloak doesn't do a great job of concealing. Also, can we take a moment and admire the power and determination hiding behind Gadot's eyes? It's clear Wonder Woman means business.

Details about the movie are still pretty hush-hush, but we do know stud muffin Chris Pine will play Captain Steve Trevor. According to Screen Rant, Warner Bros. shared a press release, announcing new additions to the cast. Joining Gadot and Pine will be some familiar faces, including David Thewlis, who played Professor Remus Lupin in the "Harry Potter" series, and Danny Huston (aka The Axeman or Massimo Dolcefino) from "American Horror Story."

Robin Wright, Ewan Bremner, Elena Anaya and Lucy Davis were also mentioned as cast members in the press release. We're still not sure who these six actors and actresses will be playing in the movie, but feel free to sound off guesses in the comments!

Who else is PUMPED for seeing Wonder Woman on the big screen?

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