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Holy Photo Set! 6 New 'Batman V Superman' Pics That Have Us PUMPED

Diana Prince, is that you?

Note to self: Never piss off Superman. True, Superman doesn't seem to take every little thing so personally like Batman does, but he's definitely M.A.D. about something in this newly-released pic from the highly anticipated film, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," which premieres March 25, 2016.

Even when he's mad, he's still insanely hot.

Henry Cavill, the Man of Abs Steel looks angry AF at Batman (Ben Affleck). This photo, along with five others, were originally released in Empire magazine in the United Kingdom, according to DC Comics. Before you take a look at the rest of these photos, make sure you check out the trailer that dropped back in July at San Diego Comic-Con. (You know, in case you live under a rock and still haven't seen it yet.)

Until more information/photos/videos emerge, we'll just be over here, Warner Bros. Waiting.

H/T DC Comics