This Ring Will Let You Know When Someone's Texting You


Call me.
Photo: Ringly

What are you supposed to do when you don't want to keep your iPhone glued to your hand because no one likes jerks, but *also* don't want to miss an important call/text/tweet/Snapchat because #FOMO? To paraphrase Beyonce—when do we not, right?—you put a ring on it.

A new startup called Ringly makes rings that connect to your phone. Unlike most wearable tech that looks like something out of The Jetsons, this—which comes in four semiprecious stone colorways and is plated with 18K gold—is actually something you'll want to wear.

The ring will fit in seamlessly with your non-tech jewelry and it's super customizable, so you'll know who’s trying to get ahold of you or liking your latest Instagram by the color or buzz of the ring. Not into rings? Not a problem. Apparently they'll soon be testing out other jewelry and accessories, too. (TBD whether guys will be able to get in on the fun in the future, but here's to hoping!)

Watch this video to see how it works, and also to see an exceptionally joyful model dance around. We're assuming the joy is mostly because she no longer has terrible tech etiquette due to her social media-enabled bling, though it could be because "Stars" by the Suits is a really great song. Either way, you'll want to share her joy.


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