I Want My MTV Nail Art!

We might be a little biased, but MTV-themed nails are probably the best ever. And we're not even talking about the shows or celebrities or anything our network has created over its 30 plus years of existence—we just mean the straight-up iconic "M" logo with the word "TV" scribbled in front of it. We found UH-MAZING homages to our channel thanks to some killer nail artists across the globe, and we just had to share them with y'all. Not only do we feel honored that ladies are dedicating some serious time to painting mini MTV masterpieces on their tips, but DUDES—the execution is phenom. We couldn't have done it better ourselves (literally), so here's a shout-out to some of our favorite fan-based nail art! (And, yes, once you're done drooling over these designs, there's a tutorial on how to create the logo in a few simple steps.)

MTV Nail Art

Photo: Via DeviantArt

Netherlands-based nail aficionado Nina (whoa, hi alliteration!) created an MTV mani with the logo on EVERY finger. Whew, talk about a lot of work! She used a white base and added a splash of color on each tip with the 3D logo on top. We give her major props for not giving up after one nail (lord knows we would), but that's just the beginning! The rest of her nail art handiwork will make your jaw drop. Seriously, YOU MUST LOOK.

MTV Nail Art

Photo: Via Nail Art Gallery

OK, this set straight-up blows our mind. Nikki Petel from Nikkilicious Nails created her nail designs for a friend that got a call back to be on The Real World. With nails like this, we can't imagine how she wouldn't make the cut! This is the dopest combination of MTV logos we've seen yet—she mix and matched the iconic mouth logo with the straight-up orange and hot pink versions as well. For a touch of sparkle, she added a television set with a silver screen, which we love. Hey Nikki, you doing an MTV Style-themed set soon? ;)

MTV Nail Art

Photo: Via Cakes Creations

Our girl Cake over at Cakes Creations (who does Rye Rye's nails!) made Beavis and Butt-Head-inspired design with the MTV logo included. We can BARELY get past the skill on the character recreations to admire the on-point logo. Well done!

MTV Nail Art

Photo: Via @NailPorn

The pioneer of killer nail art, Ms. Sophy Robson, tweeted these killer MTV nails, and we CANNOT get enough. The crackle, the neon, the attention to detail—it's all too much for our little hearts to handle.

MTV Nail Art

Photo: Via Shamshnita

Shamshnita showed her love for the 2011 EMAs with nail art dedicated to one of the biggest shows of the year! The logo is KILLER, and we love how she even followed last year's color theme. Perf!

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