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'Arrow': 29 Times Oliver And Diggle's Bromance Was Everything


Long before #Olicity was a thing or The Green Arrow had told his family his pointy, green secret, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) had one confidante: John Diggle (David Ramsey).

These two, tho.

Oliver and Diggle have been through some rough patches in recent episodes of “Arrow,” but — through it all — we have had faith these two crazy kids would work things out. Because bromance is forever.

Here are 29 times Oliver and Diggle's bromance was everything on "Arrow"...

  1. That time Oliver reluctantly accepted Diggle's help.

    Because Diggle wouldn't let Oliver shake him.

  2. That time Diggle wouldn't let him play the lone wolf.

    Playing lone wolf is for losers.

  3. Those times Diggle put up with patronizing questions.

    *Rolls eyes*

  4. Those times when they made each other laugh.


  5. That time Oliver promised not to kill Diggle.

    At this point in Oliver's moral evolution, this promise was somewhat rare.

  6. Those times Diggle made sure Oliver had a life.

    Or at least he tried to.

  7. That time Oliver carried Diggle.

    Got you, bro.

  8. And that time Diggle carried Oliver.

    Got you, bro.

  9. Those times Diggle gently pushed Oliver to open up.


  10. Even though Oliver kept shutting him down.


  11. That time Diggle wouldn't let Oliver go into battle alone.


  12. And they watched the city fall together.


  13. That time Oliver helped Diggle get Lyla back.

    Remember this instinct in season 3, Oliver... Oh, never mind.

  14. That time Diggle was done being subtle about #Olicity.


  15. That time Oliver was so happy for Diggle and Lyla.

    And Oliver — Oliver — was the one who initiated the hug. This is progress, people.

  16. That time Oliver confided in Diggle.

    We wouldn't see Vulnerable Oliver Queen for a long time after this...

  17. And Diggle gave him an honest solution.


  18. That time Diggle asked Oliver to be his best man.

    (Even though he knew Oliver would show up late.)

  19. That time Oliver called Diggle his brother.

    I'm not crying, you're crying.

  20. And then Oliver totally ruined it by kidnapping Lyla.

    Not cool, Oliver. NOT COOL.

  22. That time Diggle saved Oliver from Damien Darhk.

    Even though they were in a bro fight.

  23. That time Diggle made sure they had a bro talk.

    OK, so Felicity might have had something to do with it, too.

  24. That time Oliver took a bullet for Diggle.

    It's what friends do, right?

  25. That time Oliver pointed at Diggle.

    These bros just get each other, you know?

  26. That time Diggle pointed back.

    This moment was the best.

  27. That time Oliver wouldn't give up on Andy.

    "Because I need hope."

  28. Because he needed Diggle to not give up on him.

    All of the feels.

  29. But Diggle would never give up on Oliver.

    "The green one."

  30. And Oliver will never stop needing his brother.