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17 Olicity Fanvids To Watch While You Wait for 'Arrow' Season 4

The ship has set sail for the summer, but our heart hasn't.

By Kayti Burt

It feels like it’s been ages since Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) rode off into the sunset together in the "Arrow" season three finale, and eons more until the season four premiere rolls around and we’ll get to see how they fared the summer. (Happily, duh.)

Luckily, the hiatus is when fandom thrives — not only in the creation of new fanfiction, fan art, fanvids, and meta discussion, but in the consumption (or re-consumption) of all the fan-created content you may have missed while busy watching all-new episodes and living your life.

The dog days of summer are the perfect time to fandom out, which is why we’re using our time wisely — aka to search out the best Olicity vids. Because Olicity may have won Ship of the Year at the 2015 MTV Fandom Awards, but this ship needs every crew member to pull his or her weight. (Too much with the ship metaphor? ... Never.)

Here are 17 Olicity fanvids to watch (or re-watch) while you wait for these two totally-in-love superheroes to find their way back to Star City for “Arrow” season four.

  1. For the Olicity shipper who just wants to have fun.

    Olicity was a bit doom and gloom in season three, but — even in the midst of the fake deaths and almost-brainwashings — these two found a few occasions to smirk playfully at one another. (Not enough times, in our opinion, but that’s a story for another time…) This is the fanvid for people who like to be reminded of those times and the general awesomeness of the Olicity dynamic.

  2. For the Olicity shipper who is here for the melodrama.

    Everyone knows that Oliver Queen’s true superpower is brooding, and it’s not hard to understand why. Dude’s been through a lot. The deaths of most of his loved ones. Five-ish years on a deserted-ish island. Countless hours-long Starling city council meetings debating the finer points of tax code and sanitation department budget. (Oh, wait. We’re still waiting for that last one to become a subplot.) Regardless, dude’s got some serious manpain. This fanvid celebrates that aspect of “Arrow,” along with a healthy dose of Olicity. Because duh.

  3. For the Olicity shipper who loves Taylor Swift.

    Because Olicity and Taylor Swift are two of the best things.

  4. For the Olicity shipper who was really into that sex scene.

    This video does an amazing job of recapping all of Olicity’s friendship and romance so far, but pays particular emphasis to that steamy season 3 sex scene, using it as an, er, culmination of everything that has come before. Wonderfully edited and set to the interminably addictive “Work Song” by Hozier, this is definitely worth a watch (or three). Beware the Al Sah-him, though.

  5. For the Olicity shipper who’s still pretending it’s season one.

    Ah, season one. Felicity and Oliver were so young, so clueless (well, Oliver’s still clueless), and so adorably awkward together (OK, that was mostly Felicity). This fanvid set to “Troublemaker” by Olly Murs reminds us just how much fun Olicity’s season 1 dynamic was. Before things got super-duper complicated.

  6. For the Olicity shipper who’s still pretending it’s season two.

    We want to live inside of this fanvideo. Masterfully edited to a beautiful song — Of Monsters and Men’s “King and Lionheart” — this video manages to capture both the darkness and the delight of season two Olicity (with a few choice clips from the season three premiere). If you’re an Olicity shipper who is trying to forget Oliver’s shame spiral/identity crisis and the fact that Felicity ever dated Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh), this vid is the one for you.

  7. For the Olicity shipper who was really into season three, dammit.

    Go epic or go home — potentially the motto for “Arrow” season three and this fanvid. “Don’t fight to die. Fight to live.” “Because, despite your best efforts, you’ve allowed yourself to feel something.” “I told you that I couldn’t be the Arrow and be with you. I want to be with you.” All quotes expertly used in this expert Olicity vid. Check it out if you dug the darker, angsty tones of season three.

  8. For the Olicity shipper who is also a Disney fan.

    Because who hasn’t watch “Arrow” and thought: this reminds me of that classic Disney movie moment?

  9. For the Olicity shipper who is a bit of a masochist.

    Speaking of angst, no list of fanvids is complete without one set to A Great Big World’s “Say Something,” amirite? The color work and fluid editing in this vid more than makes up for the heavy feels we get while re-living the story of Oliver pushing Felicity away as he struggles to process Sara’s (Caity Lotz) death and his changing relationship to his own mortality.

  10. For the Olicity shipper who worries about Felicity sometimes.

    Because, even though we heart Olicity, if we knew Felicity IRL, we might encourage her to make a break for it.

  11. For the Olicity shipper who doesn’t regret a single moment.

    Structured around the monologue Felicity gives right before she tells Oliver she loves him, this video is there for all of Olicity’s moments. It is literally called “I don’t regret a single moment,” a reference to when Felicity relays that same sentiment to Oliver — and this video doesn’t, either.

  12. For the Olicity shipper who kind of wants “Arrow” to be a romantic comedy.

    “So, we’re not doing the ‘what happens in Russia, stays in Russia’?” “We’re still in Russia.” Any vid that includes this hilarious season two moment is worth your time, but this one manages to go above and beyond to find so many of the little looks Olicity shares in the first two seasons. Extra points for also managing to capture the vibe of what “Arrow” might be like if were a romantic comedy airing in the 90s. For the record, we would have watched every episode of that show, too.

  13. For the Olicity shipper who doesn’t know they’re an Olicity shipper yet.

    Board the ship. You know you want to... Still not convinced? Check out this short video chronicling some of Olicity’s best aspects: i.e. Felicity’s babbling, the obvious improvement of Oliver’s life once Felicity started babbling at him, these two fools gazing longingly at one another, these two fools saying one another’s names with various degrees of concern. That sort of thing.

  14. For the Olicity shipper who wishes Felicity had more to do.

    Everyone knows that Felicity Smoak is the most competent member of Team Arrow. She should totally be its leader. Well, actually, she should be offered the leadership position and turn it down because she favors a consensus-based system. Need more proof? Check out this Olicity-with-an-emphasis-on-Felicity fanvid and spend some time gushing with your friends (or, you know, the Internet) about how massively cool Felicity Smoak is.

  15. For the Olicity shipper who misses "Friday Night Lights."

    A retelling of the Olicity story so far set to the "Friday Night Lights" soundtrack must “Your Hand in Mine” by Explosions in the Sky? Yes, please.

  16. For the Olicity shipper who has some time to kill.

    Olicity was a slow burn and so is this fanvid. It takes it time in exploring Oliver Queen’s inability to let anyone in following his return from Lian Yu and how Felicity (and the other people in his life) slowly started changing that. Because, let’s me honest, Oliver Queen still has some room to grow in that department. If you have six minutes to kill -- or even if you don’t -- watch this vid!

  17. For the Olicity shipper who is into their partnership.

    “Arrow” is at its best when it is recognizing that Olicity is a partnership — and this video does such a good job exploring that equal relationship. While many Olicity fanvids focus on the most dramatic moments of the relationship, this one — set to Imagine Dragons’ “I Bet My Life” — embraces the everyday realities of Felicity and Oliver’s dynamic. Basically, it’s a montage of high-speed chases, super hacking, and the general negotiation of life-or-death situations — all intermixed with these two crazy kids beaming at one another. So, Olicity in a nutshell.