Can We Guess Which Album You Bought This Weekend: One Direction Or Justin Bieber?

Did you snag Made In The A.M. or Purpose? Let us guess.

On Friday, two of the biggest names in pop music -- One Direction and Justin Bieber -- released their brand-new studio albums, Made In The A.M. and Purpose, respectively. This double musical release found us all rushing out to Target or opening iTunes to make our purchases this weekend, but it also has the world wondering whose album will come out on top.

We all know the quickest way to determine the battle of Belieber versus Directioner is simply just to ask, but that's far too easy, so instead we'll venture to guess. Whose album did you buy this weekend? Are you up in the A.M. with the One Direction boys or are you searching for Purpose with the Biebs?

Let us be the judge. Take the quiz below.