Madeline Roth

What It's Like To Be A Fan Of Both One Direction And Justin Bieber

We asked Directioners and Beliebers about the joys and struggles of sharing a release day.

For pop music lovers, Nov. 13 could be a day fraught with tension. Not only is One Direction releasing Made In The A.M., their first album without Zayn, but Justin Bieber is making his comeback with the Skrillex-built Purpose. You're not alone, if you've been counting down with more anticipation than for your own birthday.

If you're a fan of both, Friday presents a serious dilemma: How do you decide who to pledge allegiance to when you love the music of both Biebs and 1D? One Direction and Justin Bieber will be going head to head, competing on the charts for the #1 this week. So which album do you buy if you can only afford one? Which do listen to first when you're both a die-hard Belieber and Directioner?

Some fans have actually chosen to pick a side. Justin himself got in on the game when he did a bit of hilarious trash talking with this Twitter vid:

We asked a few fans what it means to be members of two competing fandoms, and how they're going to spend this Friday.

Gabriella @GabyTheGreat:

The struggle: "I hate feeling like I have to pick a favorite all the time. Why can't I just love everyone, ya know?"

Come Nov. 13: "Whose CD am I going to pick up first? Should I use both hands so I don't have to choose? Which one will I listen to first in my car? These questions haunt me a little. (tbh, it'll be One Direction but let me be dramatic)."

Katrina @MorganKatrina1:

Come Nov. 13: "I'm gonna get both albums on November 13. It's fun listening to different types of music, since they both have different music sounds. I will ... listen to Justin's first because I'm anticipating his new music more, but I like One Direction more than Justin. It's his first album in a long time."

Kaitlyn Vella @Kaitiii:

The struggle: "It sucks that sometimes artists seem to be pitted against each other and that it makes fans feel like they need to choose a 'side.' I think the main struggle stems from young fans thinking that they need to pick one or the other, when in actuality they’re allowed to love and support both artists."

The joy: "The joy of being a Belieber and Directioner means that on November 13 I get a ton of new music that I know I’m going to love. It’s basically like Christmas is coming a month early for me."

Come Nov. 13: "I’ve debated how I’m going to celebrate November 13 and am still coming up short on what I’m actually going to do. November 13 also happens to be my 23rd birthday, so it’s going to be a pretty big day for me. I’ve contemplated getting both albums, putting them in a playlist, and then just listening on shuffle. But then I think about how albums are put in a specific order for a reason, so maybe they’re meant to be listened to in that order. I think it’s going to come down to how many songs have been pre-released before the album comes out or whatever people are talking about more in the morning when I wake up. It’s going to be a last minute decision, for sure."

Ayeesha T @AeeshaAT22:

Come Nov. 13: "I'm just excited for the new music. But i assure u that i will listen to both :)."

Haley Woods @_hawo:

The struggle: "I think the struggles come when voting for awards, when your favorite stan accounts talk bad about the other fandom, and when that happens, I usually unfollow them because I think it's just rude."

The joy: "I really enjoy when Niall and Justin hang out and when they tweet each other. I also like being a part of two worlds, and being able to switch and having them intertwine. I think Justin is just having fun and messing around when he talks [about] the release date."

Come Nov. 13: "When November 13 comes, I'm not getting on Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat (just kidding) but, I am going to listen to both probably after I'm done with classes. I hate to choose but, I say that I love Justin more because I've been a fan of his first (since I was 12 and I'm 18 now) and being a Belieber was my first fandom and you can never forget your first fandom."

Patricia @lovelovelove343:

The struggle: "The worst part of being a fan of both is the rivalry. Obviously since both their albums come out the same day, they're competing for the #1 spot. I think if you just like one of them you're missing out on great music. Both 1D and bieber are incredibly talented and I love supporting both of their careers. Niall even looked up to Justin and was compared as an Irish Justin during his 'X Factor' days. This makes it hard to be both their fans when Justin starts taking digs at them. I know that he doesn't mean to be rude or throw shade ... but he has ... and as a fan of both it really bugs me. I want to see them both succeed and get along."

Come Nov. 13: "I will definitely get Justin's album ... just not the first week lol. I'll wait until 1D grab the #1 spot the first week, then I'll buy Justin's ... I will be celebrating listening to 1D's pre-order of their album at midnight on 11/13 on itunes, and I'll be at Target at 7:55 a.m. waiting for the doors to open so that I can buy their album."

Princess layden @ZquadKstew0323:

The struggle: "It was hard to be a Belieber when Justin was making stupid stuffs but everyone make mistakes."

The joy: "It's nice to be a Belieber and a Directioner cuz we are sweet with each other."

Come Nov. 13: "I'll probably listen to it with my friends. Justin's songs helped me during a bad part of my life. I don't think I love one more than the other."

Madeline Roth @madfitzroth:

The struggle: The problem with being both a Belieber and a Directioner, in regards to Nov. 13, is that it’s almost like there will be too much of a good thing happening at once. Usually, when an artist I love releases a new album, I like to it listen to it multiple times all the way through, soak it in, and just kind of feel it out for a while. But with Purpose and Made in the A.M. arriving simultaneously, it might be harder to give each of them their due -- at least, at first. It’s overwhelming!"

The other struggle: "The other struggle with being a Beliectioner (new term I just coined, you like it?) is when people ask you to choose sides. Or even when you internally wonder, “Should I be choosing an allegiance?” This, I’ve decided, is actually bulls--t. The way I see it, this is not a mutually exclusive situation. And both of these fandoms are at their best when they’re being supportive -- you don’t have to like the other artist, but you shouldn’t bash them either."

The joy: "The joy of being both a Belieber and a Directioner is that you have more love to give, and you receive more love in return. Justin and 1D both make me feel happy, and I genuinely love being their fans. And you know what? I feel loved by them, too. These five guys are so, so great to their fans, especially the ones who’ve stuck with them through so many ups and downs. That just means I have more dudes in my life who make me smile.

To quote the wise Selena Gomez, “The heart wants what it wants.” My heart wants Justin AND Harry AND Liam AND Louis AND Niall (and still Zayn, tbh). That just makes me feel lucky."

Come Nov. 13: "I’ve thought a lot about my plan for Nov. 13, a.k.a. my Christmas, a.k.a. the luckiest Friday the 13th in all of history. I’ve preordered physical copies of both of the albums, because I am a 70-year-old woman who still buys CDs for the artists I really truly love (it’s a small pool, but both JB and 1D are in there). However, the actual CDs probably won’t get to my house until later in the day, so I’ll be streaming both of them in the meantime (thank you love you, Spotify) or even buying them both on iTunes. I don’t know. I’m crazy. Just take all my money, JB and 1D.