Andy Samberg Gives Russell Brand Movie Award Hosting Advice

Hosting the MTV Movie Awards is not an easy job. You have to entertain an audience of the hottest celebrities and their biggest fans, while introducing A-list actors like Christian Bale to present exclusive footage from highly-anticipated films like "The Dark Knight Rises." No pressure. This year comedy king Russell Brand was up for the task.

When Movie Awards hosting veteran Andy Samberg met up with us at Universal's CityWalk to talk "That's My Boy" for Sneak Peek Week, we asked him if he had any advice for Brand.

"It's gonna be a real stretch from the VMA's," Samberg joked, referencing Brand's previous hosting gig. "What's he gonna do? I just wonder in the beginning if he's gonna have some short film about how he needs to make it to the Movie Awards on time before it starts. Is he gonna make it? He's in this film, how's he gonna get there? Every host seems to have this problem."

The "SNL" actor is no stranger to live television so there was little pressure for him as he took to the big stage to introduce presenters and crack jokes when he hosted. In fact, Samberg only had to mention the title of a certain vampire saga to get a great crowd reaction.

"My year was like the first year of 'Twilight' so you couldn't hear anything," he recalled. "It was just a den of screaming girls. At one point I think I walked out, and I had a bet with somebody backstage, and I just walked out and went, 'Twilight.' And everybody went, 'Ahhhhhh!' I'm like, 'I just made five bucks.'"

With "Twilight" reigning at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, the show was a huge success. What will Brand need for his year to be as good?

"I mean, so many ingredients in a Movie Awards stew—celebs, spoofs," Samberg said.

"Great performances!" Ciara chimed in.

"Great performances—I just thought of that," Samberg joked. On a more serious note, he said: "[It needs] a great host. Russell's gonna kill it. Russell's hilarious."

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