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Eminem Made Justin Bieber’s Top 5 Male Pop Stars Of All Time List

Biebs puts Shady next to MJ and Prince.

When you think of the greatest male pop icons of all time, you might not immediately think Eminem.

That’s because Shady is mostly recognized one of the most skilled (and successful) MC ever, one who's always been incredibly hateful towards other pop stars, from Britney Spears to You Name ‘Em.

But, when you ask Justin Bieber to name the greatest five male pop stars of all time, The Biebs gives Shady one of the top spots.

Here’s a look at JB’s list, as told to Billboard:

  1. Michael Jackson

    "The first thing that comes to mind is Michael Jackson, obviously. I just think that his iconic brand and what he stood for as an artist was groundbreaking."

  2. Prince

    "He’s really inventive. He had his own style."

  3. Eminem

    "I guess Eminem is kind of a pop star. I know he’s a rapper, but I feel like he was a pop star too, a little bit, based on his brand."

  4. Usher

    "He was my mentor and still is my mentor. Coming up under him was really special."

  5. Justin Timberlake

    "He’s an amazing pop star. I’ve always respected the fact that he wasn’t afraid to just be himself."