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Hailee Steinfeld’s New Song Proves It’s OK To Skip The Party

Consider 'Hell Nos and Headphones' your new wallflower anthem.

First there was Alessia Cara’s “Here.” Then there was Tinashe and Chance the Rapper’s “All My Friends.” Now, the newest go-to introvert anthem comes to us via Hailee Steinfeld, who’s here to reassure us that it’s cool to be alone every once in a while.

The actress-turned-singer introduced herself to the pop music world with the self-love banger “Love Myself,” but she’s turned it down a notch for the second single off her forthcoming EP, Haiz. “Hell Nos and Headphones” is a mellow but fiery kiss-off to the Hollywood crowd that’s packed with quirkiness and conviction. Instead of “making love to Jack and Jameson” and “skiing in the powder room” (yep, that means what you think it means) like her peers, Hailee’s more inclined to stay in and “stick to hells nos and headphones,” as is her prerogative.

Steinfeld told Elle that she was inspired by the coolness-busting ‘tude of Cara’s breakout hit “Here,” saying, “There are times often where I'm walking around in the world trying to figure out where I belong. Noticing times that I'm uncomfortable is something I've learned to do.

“I don't have to conform to being cool or to something I'm not,” she continued. “[Alessia Cara's] 'Here' really struck a chord with me. This does have the same message of realizing, 'It's cool that I was able to go and hang out with friends, but it was just not my night.'"

Steinfeld’s debut EP, Haiz, arrives this Friday (Nov. 13). Until then, remember: it’s OK to say “hell no” to the party and put this track on your headphones. Listen to "Hell Nos And Headphones" over at Elle.