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'The Flash': There's No #Olicity, And 7 Other Reasons Earth-Two Sucks

#SorryNotSorry, Jay Garrick.

The latest episode of “The Flash” threw a lot of amazing plot twists at us poor, unsuspecting viewers, so it's understandable if you missed one of the biggest developments of the night...

That's right. In a universe where Jay Garrick is The Flash, Robert Queen is The Arrow. His son, Oliver, DIED in the sinking of The Queen's Gambit all those years ago.

I repeat: Oliver Queen is dead on Earth-Two. ?

Prior to this latest reveal, we were divided about which 'verse we'd rather live in: Earth-One or Earth-Two. Now, we know for sure. And, not to get all Earth-One-biased on you, but here are seven reasons Earth-Two totally sucks...

  1. We don't want to exist in a world without Olicity.

    No Oliver Queen means no Olicity and, yes, we're sure Felicity Smoak is kicking butt over on Earth-Two (or, you know, a super-villain), but — if given the choice — we will always choose the universe with Olicity in it. One could even say: There was no choice to make.

  2. Or a world without these abs.
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    Nope, nope, nope, nope. We're staying in the 'verse with the abs.

  3. Vertically rectangular TV screens? No, thank you.

    From the looks of the television in Harry's Earth-Two office, viewing screens in the other universe are vertical rectangles. Does this mean movie screens are vertical, too? Are all Earth-Two movie theaters in skyscrapers? Where does this madness end?!

  4. We like Earth-One's Linda Park way more than the Earth-Two version.

    Earth-Two's Linda Park is mean, TBH. Earth-One's Linda Park gives enthusiastic high-fives.

  5. "Optimism must be an Earth-One thing."
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    A direct quote from another totally un-biased source... OK, so it was Cisco who said that. And he obviously has a vested interest in Earth-One — hence the, you know, calling it Earth-One. But dude's got a point.

    As far as we can tell, Earth-One is filled with people who live for puppies and rainbows and Earth-Two is filled with an incestuous social circle of frenemies who are constantly frowning at one another.

  6. Earth-Two has made meta-human detection available to anyone who can pay.

    Handy, yes. But also kind of the first step in an "X-Men"-like metahuman-tracking program that could be dangerous in the wrong hands — or should we say on the wrong wrists? Yep, went there.

  7. Um, Zoom lives there.

    We know he's now causing trouble in our universe, too, but the dude is from Earth-Two and has apparently been causing havoc left and right over there for years now. And, yes, we're so very afraid of Zoom. We plan on staying as many universes away from him as possible.

  8. Earth-Two does have this cool train, tho...

    What? We can look past our Earth-One bias when it comes to cool trains. Also, Earth-Two has better hats. #Truth #Millinery