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7 Earth-Two Doppelgängers We Most Want To See Next On 'The Flash'

Did someone order a super villain Felicity Smoak?

The Flash” is working towards #PeakDoppelgänger this season with familiar faces — yet slightly unfamiliar personalities — coming over from Earth-Two to plague their look-a-likes in Earth-One. Last night's episode saw Team Flash dealing with both Earth-Two's Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Earth-Two's Linda Park (Malese Jow) in the form of Dr. Light.

Harrison "Harry" Wells also hinted that Zoom might find other familiar faces to send over from Earth-Two to take Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) out. As long as he's going to the trouble, maybe he'll take requests? Here are the seven Earth-Two doppelgänger we most want to see pop up next on Earth-One...

  1. Musical Metahuman Joe West

    Let's get our priorities straight: Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) needs to be brought over from Earth-Two. He needs to be a professional musician there and his metahuman ability needs to be the capacity to make everyone sing their feelings until they die a la "Buffy" episode "Once More With Feeling." Basically, Earth-Two Joe West's coming will bring about "The Flash" all singing, all dancing episode. It has been prophesied.

  2. Not-Dead Eddie Thawne
    The CW

    This one's kind of a no-brainer. Because you know what would be great? If Eddie (Rick Cosnett) weren't dead. Yeah, we know Earth-Two Eddie is not the same as the Earth-One Eddie who sacrificed himself to save the world, but we'd still like to see his handsome mug back on our TV screens again, you know?

  3. Super Villain Felicity Smoak
    The CW

    As we've already discussed, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) doesn't need to don a mask or have superhuman powers to be a superhero. She just is. But neither does she have to don a mask or have superhuman powers to be one of the scariest super villains the multiverse has ever seen. And how compelling would that story be? I don't mean to keep making "Buffy" references here, but it would be a total Dark Willow moment — when we get to see the sweetest, most optimistic character filled with rage and pain and a desire for vengeance.

  4. Not-Dead Nora Allen

    If Zoom is looking to use someone against Earth-One's Barry Allen, he needn't look any further than the Earth-Two equivalent of Barry's late mother. Barry spent most of his life seeking justice for his mother's death and much of season 1 hatching an insane plan to travel back in time and save her life. You better believe that seeing the Earth-Two version of Nora Allen (Michelle Harrison) would seriously mess with Barry's head — and give us viewers a chance to understand more about this relationship. Because, yeah, we've had so many great explorations of the relationships Barry has with the father figures in his life, but not so much with the mother figures. (Also, maybe this will lure Barry's dad back to town. Still not over his abrupt departure...)

  5. Layla From "Sky High"

    OK, new head canon: "Sky High" actually takes place within the multi-verse, and Layla (played in the film by a younger Danielle Panabaker) is actually the Earth-Two version of Caitlin. You're welcome. (Or we could just go the Killer Frost route. This is also acceptably awesome.)

  6. Morally-Compromised Metahuman Iris West
    The CW

    So far, Barry's feelings for Iris (Candice Patton) have been left largely unaddressed in season 2, but that doesn't mean they've gone away. And how weird/confusing/compelling would it be for Barry to be faced with an Earth-Two version of the woman he loves trying to take him down? Answer: very compelling. Also, maybe we could see Our Iris break out some more of those badass moves to take down her doppelganger and save her family. Anything that gives Candice Patton more to do. ♥️

  7. Not-Dead Tommy Merlyn

    Why should "The Flash" be the only Flarrow universe show to get all of the multi-verse fun? We've already pitched Super Villain Felicity Smoak, but what about Not-Dead Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell)? (Nope, we will probably never stop trying to bring Tommy Merlyn back in some way...) What good is having a crossover universe if you don't use the most interesting elements of each respective show to benefit the others?

    We'd love to see Not-Dead Tommy Merlyn somehow wander into this 'verse and over to Star City. Maybe he has lost his BFF Ollie on Earth-Two and is looking for a new home. Maybe he has all of the same memories of growing up with the Queens as his second family. Maybe he and Laurel totally hit it off. Um, is this starting to sound like a bad fanfiction? ...Or is it starting to sound like good fanfiction?