The Next 'Ridiculousness,' 'Fantasy Factory' And 'Jerks' Episodes Will Be Straight-Up Hell [Sneak Peeks]


It might be time to seek out those Last Rites, because tonight on MTV, we're all doomed to go through hell. Between a look into child demons on "Ridiculousness" and a bit of "torture week" on "Fantasy Factory," those pearly gates will have never seemed so far away. But look on the bright side -- at least you'll get some good, hearty laughs along the way. Grab your spades, plant those horns on your heads and let's hit it!

First, on "Ridiculousness," "Bad Grandpa" star and childhood mayhem expert Jackson Nicoll, who's only nine-years-old, will help Rob Dyrdek get a true understanding of "Lil' Devils." In the clip, young demons far and wide open up the earth around them, and while some are content hitting and screaming at family members, one goes as far as to mow over his sister with a set of shiny Power Wheels. Better start atoning, kid!

Then, on "Fantasy Factory," Rob, who's got a devilish look in his eye, vows to give Drama the "Torture Week" experience he never had. And what might that involve, you ask? Well, it starts off with a bit of male strippers on Monday, finds its stride midweek with the launching of tennis balls at Chris and finishes with a delightful water-and-flour bomb on Friday. School probably doesn't sound so bad now, does it?

Finally, on "Jerks With Cameras," Justin Hires will aim to outdo his comedian competitors by giving random members of the public a most verboten form of hate: the middle finger. Some of his victims laugh off his prank, others look a bit shocked and one especially offended passerby responds by saying "Why don't you suck my ass?" The jig's up when one guy starts charging Justin, and finally, the little devil's forced to come clean about his true TV intentions.

Check out the sneak peeks, and tune in to the comedy trifecta tonight at 10/9c!