Chris "Drama" Pfaff

Hailing from Akron, Ohio, Chris "Drama" Pfaff is Rob Dyrdek's cousin and has served considerable time as the professional skateboarder's personal assistant. As seen on the hit MTV series Rob and Big, Drama was the lovable resident punching bag at Dyrdek's Hollywood home (aka:"Three Layers of Heaven"). After being memorably "put on waivers" by Rob for failing to do his job well, Drama did a quick stint as a cashier at Hamburger Central. That job came to a quick end when Drama bolted out the drive-through window.

But in The Fantasy Factory, things are about to change for Drama -- or are they?

An aspiring music producer, Drama runs his own music production company called "Causin' Drama Productions" On Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, we've seen Drama create his own unique music studio, and work to emerge from his "white-tee shirt" shell that Rob accuses him of. He also started his own clothing line called "Young & Reckless" which is now in about 4,000 stores nationwide and has been seen being worn by anyone from Justin Bieber and Zack Efron to Kevin Durant and 50 cent. He's a skater, a beat maker, and a young entrepreneur in the making.