Andrew Jenks' Next Project Is Investigating A Mysterious Missouri Murder Trial


Andrew Jenks has admitted to getting a little jittery before filming with his "World Of Jenks" subjects, but what he's working on now is scary enough to have him shaking in his boots. According to Deadline, the filmmaker is currently in the midst of his next documentary with producer Chip Rosenbloom and journalist Dylan Ratigan. The untitled doc will dive deep into the story of a man who was convicted of murder, but whose case hinged on key witnesses that have since admitted to perjury.

In 2005, college student Ryan Ferguson was sentenced to prison for killing Kent Heitholt, a popular sports editor at Missouri's Columbia Daily Tribune. Now that the witnesses who provided pivotal testimony have come clean about lying under oath, Jenks is taking a crucial look at the judicial system to see what he can uncover. “We are the same age, we look alike, we both love basketball -- I feel like Ryan Ferguson and I grew up in the same house," he told Deadline. "I am going behind bars to really understand Ryan and what happened to him." Jenks has been updating his Twitter account with the latest info on the doc, and it seems like he's in the thick of it.


+ What do you think about Jenks' new film? Sounds like a thriller!

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Photo: MTV