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In the season finale, Kaylin's designs make their runway debut, Chad breaks down in his new home, the Turf Feinz host their biggest dance battle, and Jenks reflects on his year with the trio.

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In these exclusive clips, Chad visits his old school and Kaylin introduces us to her boss Betsey Johnson!

Jeremy Lister Interview

Jenks sits down with Jeremy Lister, the artist behind the 'World Of Jenks' theme song, to talk about his lyrics and how his music made it into the show.

Jenks and Chad Show

Chad and Jenks talk about their favorite celebrities, and Chad reveals his love for MTV's 'Jersey Shore.'

Soundtrack Spotlight

Head to the MTV Soundtrack Blog to hear artists, like Jeremy Lister, featured in episodes of 'World Of Jenks.'

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  1. CHAD It's finally moving day for Chad and his family. During last-minute packing in his...  Read Full Summary »


  2. D-REAL Rehearsals for the Mac Miller concert continue in Los Angeles with D-Real, Flii...  Read Full Summary »


  3. CHAD In an effort to help Chad lose weight, Jenks wants to take him to the gym. While...  Read Full Summary »



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About World of Jenks

  1. Last season, "World Of Jenks" scored MTV's highest ratings ever for a series premiere, and followed filmmaker Andrew Jenks as he moved in with twelve inspirational individuals and lived with each of them for one week.

    Now Jenks is back. But this time, he's found three young people with lives so extraordinary that he had to spend an entire year experiencing life through their eyes.

    Kaylin is a bold and beautiful fashion designer striving to make it in New York City despite the cancer diagnosis that threatens her life. D-Real is a dancer in a crew whose video has gotten over 4.5 million hits on YouTube but whose day in the sun is shadowed by his brother's recent murder. And Chad is last year's fan favorite: a young guy with autism whose zest for life and friendship with Jenks is like nothing you've ever seen on TV before.

    Enlightening and uplifting, heartbreaking and hilarious, "World Of Jenks: Season 2" promises to set a new standard for gripping documentary programming on MTV.

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