Kristin Cavallari Won't Be Shown Up By Snooki, Introduces Another Adorbz Baby To The World

Here a baby, there a baby, everywhere a baby! We've been going so ga-ga over lil' meatball Lorenzo LaValle since his unveiling that we nearly forgot there's another new addition to MTV's family tree. Kristin Cavallari of "The Hills" and her fiance, Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears, gave birth to Camden Jack six weeks ago, and in this week's PEOPLE, K-Cav opens up about her role as supermama.

Sure, Kristin's been known for causing troubs, but one look at her blissed-out smile in the pic above and you can tell all of that angst has melted away. Take that, Stephen! And Brody! And Justin Bobby! And...well, you get the point. All we know is, we're glad she didn't end up going to Europe!

We're gettin' baby fever over here with this influx of adorable photos. Hey, Heidi, how long 'til you and Spence jump on the bandwagon? We're waiting...

To find out more of what Kristin's life is like as a new mom, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

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Photo: Courtesy of People/Jonathan Clay Harris