Mother Knew Best On 'I Used To Be Fat'

As tempting as it can be to blow them off, parents are oftentimes filled with helpful advice, and during last week's episode of "I Used To Be Fat," Lindsey's ma proved it. While dad was creating drama, Lindsey's mother was there to coach her daughter through the disappointment. Here are four things the episode really sent home:

1. Parents Aren't Always The Best Role Models: Lindsey's mom was honest with trainer Ary, letting her know that she wasn't setting the best example with her eating habits. Because of that, Lindsey learned that parents are imperfect and she could also be the one to step up as a teacher in the house.

2. Embrace Change: Just because the people around you aren't setting great examples, that doesn't mean you have to follow suit. Lindsey took this tip and attacked her weight-loss challenge like a pro, regardless of her parents' progress.

3. Don't Let Anyone Ruin Your Day: When Dad ditched Lindsey's grad dinner, her mom was there to pick up the pieces and hit her with some necessary advice. She told her that when people ruin a special moment for selfish reasons, it's best to just ignore it; they will regret it later.

4. Let 'Em Worry About You: It's part of your parents' job description, so why make their duties any more difficult? At times it annoyed Lindsey when her mom got all bent out of shape, yet that concern actually helped her drop more than 70 pounds.

+ Now that you've gone through Motherly Wisdom 101, tell us what you thought of Lindsey's mom and her advice!

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