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Deanna struggles with her father going to jail and her constant weight gain. Can she transform over summer and leave her insecurities behind?

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More online-only scenes of Paul and his trainer, Yari.

Fitness Tips

Trainer Joey explains the connection between mind and body by demonstrating yoga technique.

Where Are They Now

Daria, Jordan, Makenzie and Marci talk about the hardest summer of their life as well as how they are working on maintaining their new lifestyle.

Soundtrack Spotlight

Get to know 16 Frames, whose track "See The World" was featured in the latest episode.

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  1. Learn more about the artist behind the 'I Used To Be Fat' theme song.

  2. From yoga to weight lifting and improving your core, take a look at Joey and Saran's tips for staying in shape.

  3. The 'I Used To Be Fat' trainers make it easy for you to eat right and stay in shape.

Songs From The Show

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    1. 16 Frames  ‘See The World'

    1. Just Kait  ‘Goodbye Go Go'

    1. Aaron Robinson  ‘You Will Be Called Home'

    1. Paul Otten  ‘I Woke Up'

    1. George Byrne  ‘I Wish'


About I Used To Be Fat

  1. College is all about reinvention. It's a time in a teen's life where they can leave behind all of the preconceived notions people had about them in high school and start fresh. Unless they're massively overweight.

    'I Used To Be Fat' is a new documentary series profiling teenagers desperate to shed their unwanted pounds before heading off to school. We'll send a weight loss guru to work with each person and they'll go through rigorous fitness regimens and work with experts to learn how to change the habits that caused them to gain so much weight.

    Each one-hour episode will focus on a different student, following them from the last weeks of high school to the first crucial days of college, and giving viewers an inspirational and intimate account of their emotional and physical transformation, as they struggle to change their attitudes, eating habits, and ultimately their lives.

    But this summer is about more than just losing weight for these teens -- it's also about figuring out who they are and who they want to be. It's time for them to stop leaning on mom and dad and to learn to stand on their own two feet. It's a chance for them to realize that if they don't take charge of their lives now, they never will.

    Throughout each show, viewers will witness how each teen's life and view of the world starts to change as they start to lose weight, and they'll see them when they debut their new look -- and their new outlook -- on their first day of college.

    At the end of each episode, we'll catch up after a few months of college to see where they are now. Have they kept the weight off or gained it back? Is college life what they'd dreamed it would be? And what will their families and friends say when they see them again?

    Some will lose the weight. Others will fail. But either way, this will be the most important summer of their lives.

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