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19 Things We Need To Hear On Lorde's New Record

You know, whenever it finally comes out.

Back in 2013, you could separate your year into two distinct halves: everything that occurred before you heard Lorde's "Royals," and everything that happened after. That's because "Royals" was an explosion in pop music, a big blast that everyone -- rock kids and pop junkies and hip-hoppers -- heard and immediately took notice of. And they kept rolling in.

"Team." "Tennis Court." The full Pure Heroine album, Lorde's debut. This year, we got a big gift in the form of "Magents," Lorde's dynamite collab with Disclosure -- and it got us palpably amped for her next record. You know, whenever it actually drops.

But as it's Lorde's 19th birthday today (HBD?!), we decided to round up 19 things we absolutely positively must hear on her next record. But if we don't, it's actually really OK. We'll just be excited to hear anything at all.

  1. Whatever it sounds like to be 19 years old.

    Is it angsty? Romantic? Desperate? Beautiful? Excited? All of the above?

  2. Huge choruses.

    Lorde's contribution to "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1" soundtrack was "Yellow Flicker Beat," a cyclone of dark energy. We need more of it in our lives. It was louder than a lot of what we heard of Pure Heroine, which is very promising for what LP2 could sound like.

  3. Understated vocals.

    My favorite Pure Heroine cut was "Ribs" because of its construction -- built on a pulsating beat but driven forward by Lorde's breathy vocals which gradually get more intense as the four minutes push on. Her voice is the best not-so-secret weapon in pop music today, so, more pls?

  4. General spookiness.

    No Lorde recording is complete without a few flourishes of her patented otherworldliness -- whether it's in the vocals or the dark hallway-sounding production.

  5. Whatever straight-haired Lorde sounds like.
    Jim Spellman/WireImage

    While known for her curly bouquet of dark hair, the singer recently revealed a new shorter, straight look. What does straight-haired Lorde sound like? (Probably the same, tbh.)

  6. "The sadness of a universe unmanned."

    Presented without comment.

  7. Complete and utter badassery.

    The "Magnets" video cemented it for us: Lorde is not f--king around anymore (though, really, was she ever?).

  8. Music we can legit dance to.

    And dance in any weird way we want.

  9. More of this -- in musical form.

    "the skin is peeling off my lips and hands these days i very rarely see the sun and my eye is weeping and screaming and it's fashion week and everyone already thinks i'm strange and it's a kanye show where the freaks are beautiful so why not say f--k it and let's dance with the melodrama?"

  10. Kanye West co-production.

    Yeezy reworked "Yellow Flicker Beat" into something a bit more sinister. Now imagine an entire album of tracks like this.

  11. Or Kanye West style goals.

    Remember this? ??

  12. Sounds that make us feel like we're underwater.

    "A World Alone" and "Ribs" and "The Love Club" come to mind here.

  13. More Replacements covers!

    Lorde covered The Replacements' "Swingin Party" as a bonus track for Pure Heroine, so what's stopping her from doing the same for, say, "Skyway" on her second album?

  14. A "lash of light on camera."

    "coming home from the studio tonight and caught this lash of light on camera. maybe that’s what a song looks like when it still lives inside my head"

  15. Drizzy influence?

    Lorde and @champagnepapi have a bit of an Insta thing going on, and we don't hate it at all.

  16. More seismic collabs like "Meltdown."

    Lorde, Stromae, HAIM, Q-Tip, Pusha T. Imagine THAT on LP2.

  17. Whatever this sounds like, Lorde-ified.

    Pro tip: Lorde's Instagram account is full of gems.

  18. Ice queen odes.

    There is no ?, only ice queen.

  19. Really, whatever she wants us to hear.

    There's nothing more exciting than the vast undiscovered world of a new album. We're ready to hear anything and everything Lorde is ready to show us.