Lorde Gets Sexy And Murderous In Disclosure's 'Magnets' Video

Let's embrace the point of no return.

Disclosure's new album, Caracal, features a ton of collaborations, but none (maybe barring a new Sam Smith banger) has been as anticipated as the one with Lorde. Thankfully, we finally got to hear the amazing team-up, "Magnets," last week -- but nothing prepared us for this music video.

In keeping with the sleek, futuristic vids the Howard brothers have released for Caracal songs, "Magnets" is supercharged with glowing foreign moons and dystopian city scenes. But that's not what anyone will remember about it.

They'll remember Lorde, clad in shiny black, like a hacker from "The Matrix," writhing around a millionaire playboy's pool. They won't forget her rushing around the dude's bedroom with him, kissing and necking and breathing hard -- but always in control. (Those eyes tho!)

And they'll certainly remember the end, when -- well, that's something we won't spoil here. But it's kind of crazy. And awesome. And a little terrifying.

This ain't 2013 anymore. Lorde has grown up and embraced her destiny to annihilate everything and everyone around her. Can we get a new album now? Please?