Christie Goodwin/Redferns

Liam Payne’s New Self-Portrait Puts Van Gogh’s To Shame

He's the artistic one now that Zayn's gone.

One Direction wrapped up their On The Road Again Tour this past weekend in Sheffield, England, and it was very emotional. Since then, it looks like they've got some free time on their hands. And Liam Payne has decided to spend it becoming an Impressionist artist.

On Wednesday (Nov. 4), he tweeted out a sneak peek at his first completed masterpiece.

The style is impeccably Impressionistic, the thick lines clustering together to form a complete picture the further away you move from it. Considering this particular portrait was completed on Snapchat, that means Liam worked without a brush and that all the strokes here are finger-exclusive -- unless he's got a stylus stashed away somewhere.

Given the shape of his facial hair and the angle at which his head is positioned, it's not much of a stretch to recall Vincent van Gogh's own self-portraits, specifically the one from spring 1887.

Wikipedia/Public Domain

1D's fifth album, Made In The A.M., drops next Friday, Nov. 13. We can't wait to see the other guys' personal artistic styles evolve during their hiatus. (My bet's on Harry going cubist, but hey, what do I know?)