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31 One Direction Fans Tease What You Can Expect From Made In The A.M.

These fans got to hear the album at 1D's First Listen party. Here's what they want you to know.

Have you ever sat in the dark in a packed movie theater to listen to an unreleased album by your favorite band? That’s what thousands of One Direction fans all over the U.S. got to do on Monday night (Nov. 2) during the Made In The A.M. First Listen parties, which offered them a sneak peek of 1D’s upcoming fifth album.

That put Directioners in the unique position of being able to process the album all on their own. When Made In The A.M. is released on Nov. 13, many critics will attach it to a couple of highly publicized narratives, including the group’s impending hiatus and the “face-off” between 1D and Justin Bieber, who share the same release date. But at the Century Huntington Beach theater in Huntington Beach, Calif., on Monday night, those things couldn’t have been further from fans’ minds. They entered the screening ecstatic and wildly optimistic as they bonded over their love for Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall while jamming out to 17 new songs that won them over after only one listen.

We caught up with fans after the night’s first listening party to ask them what they thought of the album and what it was like being part of such a special experience. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Olga Perelman, Emily Jarvis, Clare Wehan, Yasmine Alam

    “Harry’s voice is like deep dark chocolate and then Louis complements it with a little caramel swirl. And everything is just amazing. They sound so retro and ‘80s and old-fashioned, but it works. It made me really emotional and I’m so proud of them.”

    “I’m such a huge fan of old music, and I feel like I got kind of that vibe from them as they’re getting older and I feel like they’re all kind of standing out more. I feel like in the past, Harry was the main guy. But I hear Niall! I hear him, he’s standing out! He’s growing!”

    “The past albums have been more poppy and dance songs, but this album they toned it down a lot. It was softer and they really thought about the lyrics — it was deep. There was one song, ‘Love You Goodbye,’ that was so personal. You could really feel what they were saying. We all held hands and cried during ‘If I Could Fly.’”

    “They deserve this break. This is a good start to the break. It’ll keep us going. The album is so good that honestly I’m like, take a break. Because it’s so good, I’ll be able to wait.”

    Favorite songs: “Hey Angel,” “If I Could Fly,” “Temporary Fix”

  • Lesley Villagrana, Jacky Urbina, Sunny Resendiz

    “It was such a great album and a more mature sound. It made us cry a lot, like ’If I Could Fly.’ ‘A.M.’ was good because it’s like us, it’s what we do: we talk with our friends. And ‘Temporary Fix’ because it’s so upbeat and makes you want to dance.”

    Favorite songs: “Temporary Fix,” “A.M.,” “Never Enough”

  • Emily Winniman, Kate Row, Meg Dicarlo

    “It was so much different than anything they’d ever done. They were able to put so many influences in there while still being themselves. It made me cry, it made me dance, it made me just jam.”

    “When they showed the fetus videos, that makes it totally a different experience because you’re just thinking about the past five years. And it also shows how much they’ve grown, from obviously being like fetuses and now they’re adults but they’re still kids at heart.”

    “Seeing [Zayn] in the footage was bittersweet because you’re sad, but then you’re also really proud of the boys for doing what they wanted to do and not letting that drag them down, if you will.”

    Favorite songs: “End Of The Day,” “History,” “What A Feeling”

  • Sarah Dillenbeck, Allegra Melloul

    “Speechless, honestly. Goosebumps, heart palpitations, just so many emotions at once. It was unbelievable and it was better than I could imagine. ‘Love You Goodbye’ was what got me. That’s when I just lost it and goosebumps came over me. It was just emotional and raw and just brings back those memories that you have.”

    “I usually don’t cry in front of people, and I cried so much. Honestly, the footage made it so much more emotional. Seeing them from so young… it was really hard to see that and not want to scream and cry and laugh and die all at the same time.”

    Favorite songs: “Temporary Fix,” “Love You Goodbye,” “Perfect”

  • Ariannah Aguirre, Jasmin Lomeli, Alexis Ocon, Alyssa Garcia

    “It was amazing. It was great. It was so different from their last four albums, you can really tell they’ve matured as a band and a group.”

    “They all shared the songs so they got a part. And it’s not just about girls anymore, it’s about them and their experiences now.”

    “In a way they grew up. And they took more risks this album. It was a different sound… like it’s the same, but subtly different. You can tell. If you’ve been a fan from the start you’re gonna be like ‘Wow, this is amazing.’”

    Favorite songs: “End Of The Day,” “History”

  • Angela Miller, Michel Mortin

    “It ruined me. I’m diehard! I’m not sure if I liked it. I mean I loved it, but I didn’t like it because I didn’t like the way it made me feel. The way they put the songs with the videos, they knew what they were doing. They know us too well. It really helped capture it, and I feel like because they’re going on a break it really helped with it. I’m gonna cry again, oh no!

    “‘If I Could Fly,’ when they did the throwback videos, it was done for me. I just broke down crying and from there it just went downhill because I cried at every single song and every single video.”

    Favorite songs: “If I Could Fly,” “Never Enough,” “Perfect”

  • Alexia Mercer

    “Overall, I liked the whole vibe of the album. It wasn’t so upbeat, it was kind of chill and down to earth and really connected with fans. A few of them made me cry… ‘If I Could Fly,” I think I balled my eyes out for that one. And ‘Love You Goodbye.’ I thought it was the best album yet. I noticed you could hear Niall a lot more, Louis stepped up to the plate, Harry killed it, Liam killed it as well. I think they did a phenomenal job and they worked really hard for it and I’m really proud of them!”

    Favorite song: “If I Could Fly”

  • Joceline and Nancy Clemente

    “It’s definitely a different, more mature sound, so I think it’s kind of evolving from their previous albums a little bit more. I loved ‘History’ — when they showed the video before, they were talking about how that was kind of like the history between the fans and the band, and I think it really spoke out to all the fans who have been with them since the beginning.”

    Favorite songs: “Love You Goodbye,” “If I Could Fly,” “History”

  • Britney Solis, Kelsey Bibb, Jocelyn Velazquez, Yeraldingh Fernandez

    “It was calmer than all the other albums. You could tell they did really work hard on this album. I feel like they progressed. Ever since the last one and ever since Zayn left, I feel like they’re more together, more connected. You can tell they put so much work into it and it’s really amazing, I love it so much.”

    “I think the footage was cute. It was fetus and then it’s like now, so you can see how much they’ve changed and how they much they’ve grown with us.”

    “My emotions are everywhere. First I was happy, and then I was crying, and then I couldn’t stop crying. I was sobbing so hard during ‘If I Could Fly’ because it’s a really beautiful, sad song.”

    Favorite songs: “Temporary Fix,” “Never Enough,” “If I Could Fly,” “A.M.”

  • Deedee Torres, Vanessa Woodward, Delainie Baker

    “I thought it was really cool that ‘Love You Goodbye’ let Louis shine. I really, really liked when he hit that high note. But ‘Never Enough’ is my favorite. That got my blood pumping and got me really excited. People don’t understand how they make us feel or how their music affects us, and to be with everyone who feels the same way is really nice. It’s awesome to have that same common ground.”

    “I also liked how the videos in the background as we were watching it helped us visualize everything else and get into it.”

    “I think going in, you were thinking there was going to be something missing, but I think this let them really do the type of music that they want to do. These songs capture your attention right away, and you’re just in it the whole time, you don’t notice anything’s missing. It’s different, but it’s a good different.”

    Favorite songs: “If I Could Fly,” “Never Enough,” “Love You Goodbye”

  • Emily Sheldon, Hailee Peterson, Cheyanne Barnett

    “I can’t even speak because it was so good. I was literally crying the whole album because it was so good. I was freaking out. It was amazing, I’m just so proud of them. ‘A.M.’ just made me think of them sitting down together and being able to spend time together and not stress about all that stuff. I don’t know, I just really think about their well-being a lot for some reason because I’m weird. But it just made me really happy.”

    “I think the boys really bonded together to make it something we’d really all enjoy. Because since they made it after Zayn left, they’re like, ‘OK, we have to make it the best album for our fans.’ And I think that’s what they did and I think it turned out amazing and I’m unbelievably happy.”

    “The first thing I thought when we walked in was ‘Oh my gosh, these are my people! There are so many people here that love One Direction like me!’ I just felt comfortable being around other Directioners because I’ve never been around other people who love them so much. I normally get made fun of for liking them, but being around them just makes me feel really happy.”

    Favorite songs: “If I Could Fly,” “A.M.,” “Olivia,” “Love You Goodbye”