7 Reasons To Stop What You're Doing And Stream 'The O.C.' Right Now


Several hours of online television streaming, HERE WE COME.

Finally, history's most perfect soapy southern California teen drama, "The O.C.," is available to watch ad infinitum right from the glowing comfort of our computer screens. CW Seed, a streaming service from The CW, is now hosting the series, which aired way, way back in the mid-2000s and stayed in our hearts forever.

Here are seven reasons why you should drop what you're doing NOW and start binging.

  1. Seth Cohen.

    Hi, Seth Cohen.

  2. Marissa Cooper's outfits.

    Denim skirts with polos and flip flops? It's 2004. It's chill.

  3. Ryan Atwood's wife beaters (and chokers).

    The most lovable bro of all the 2000s bros.

  4. Seth Cohen.

    HI, Seth Cohen.

  5. Lines like, "Welcome to the O.C., BITCH!"

    Hey, Luke, are those puka shells?

  6. Sandy Cohen's eyebrows.

    They're full of secrets. And wisdom.

  7. Seth Cohen.

    We love you, too, Seth.