12 Years Ago Today, We Were Welcomed To 'The O.C.,' Bitch


Twelve years ago today (August 5), something magical happened: teenage delinquent Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie) left Chino -- ew -- for the sunny beaches of Orange County, California, and our lives were forever changed for the better.

But first, a little music...

In its prime -- and in our hearts -- "The O.C." was a cultural phenomenon. It influenced everything, from the music we listened to driving down the 101, to our daily vernacular. "Welcome to the O.C., bitch" is still the gift that keeps on giving, TBH.


"The O.C." was also an early champion of nerd culture -- you know, before it was "cool" to be a nerd -- thanks to the adorable charm of Seth Cohen (Adam Brody), Ryan's best friend. (For those who have never seen "The O.C.": Seth Cohen was the OG Stiles Stilinski. Also, FOR SHAME.)


And although it's hard to think about Marissa Cooper, the girl next door with sad doe-eyes and spectacular hair, without sobbing your eyes out, this scene is still considered one of the most *~iconic moments~* in television history:


Don't even try and think of a more iconic moment because ONE DOES NOT EXIST. Marissa, with her perfect teeth and prominent collarbones, was destined to be Ryan's star-crossed lover from that very moment, and their teen romance, though complicated af, was beautiful.


But not *quite* as beautiful and epic as Seth and Summer's life-changing relationship. The geek got the girl! And then they shared the most memorable TV kiss of ALL TIME:

When we first met Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) 12 years ago, with her questionable icy blue eyeshadow, we thought there was no way she was worthy of Seth's unrequited love and worship. She left her best friend passed out on a driveway! But the Boobs quickly became a fan-favorite thanks to her chemistry with Seth -- and they had an abundance of it:


So, let's all put on our finest Juicy Couture velour tracksuits, open a bottle of wine and toast to this beautiful gem of a show.