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Drake Has More In Common With Harry Styles Than We Realized

And fans want the collab already.

Last year, Drake told us he was "way up" because he was feeling blessed. This weekend, Drizzy helped explain why he was "way up" again and he used One Direction to make his point even more clear.

"Up is my one direction like I'm Harry Styles ?," Aubrey said on IG last night.

This, of course, isn't the first time Drake's referenced the boy band. Remember "Believe Me?" "Doesn't matter, could be winter or the summer/ On the road, I do One Direction numbers," he rhymed. "I don't f--kin' miss." I suspect Harry Styles liked that line, too.

Speaking of which...Remember that time Drake kept telling people he was, "Harry Styles, though?"

As you can probably imagine, just the mere mention of One Direction and Harry made fans lose their chill online. Directioners went on OMG-overload.

But the fan love didn't end there. Of course they want a collab, too.

Now that 1D is taking a break -- after performing their last tour for some time this weekend -- we know that collab actually could e a possibility. Think we'll hear Harry on Drizzy's long awaited Views From The 6?