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The Mystery Man on Ariana Grande's 'Focus' Has Been Revealed

Also, WTF with someone throwing their phone at her?

Ariana Grande performed her new single “Focus” live for the first time earlier this week, but not everyone in the audience seemed to be happy with the show.

In the midst of Grande’s spooky, skeleton-assisted performance, one audience member took the opportunity to throw an iPhone onstage.

Luckily, no one was hit by the projectile cellular device. In fact, Grande seemed more worried about the safety of the phone itself than anything. “That’s so dangerous!” the singer exclaimed. “What if your screen cracked?"

She then attempted to return the phone to its rightful owner in the crowd. “Whose is this? I’m so sorry!” she said, as though it was her fault the phone ended up onstage.

Grande did a Q&A before her performance at the IHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles, during which she finally revealed that the mysterious male vocals heard on “Focus” belong to none other than ... drum roll, please ... Jamie Foxx.

We did not see that one coming, TBH.

Revisit “Focus” via its wild music video below.