Who Is The Mystery Man On Ariana Grande's 'Focus'?

Here are five guesses.

Ariana Grande's new single, "Focus," has only been out for a few hours, but knowing all you Arianators you know no doubt have listened to it countless times.

But each and every time you press repeat you are most likely asking yourself this very important question:

Unfortunately, we don't have an answer for you, and neither does Ariana, who told Ryan Seacrest that it's a "mystery," but we can guess.

So here are 5 guys who may be providing the vocals to the "Focus" chorus.

  1. Mystikal

    Many of you are convinced that rapper Mystikal is taking over the chorus, with his voice sounding pretty similar to "Shake It Fast."

  2. DJ Dubz

    DJ Dubz is Ariana's official DJ and joined her all along her Honeymoon Tour. The New York-born DJ also sounds very similar to the vocals on the track, plus he posted a photo of the single art with the hashtag "#ThisIsOneOfManyToCome," so maybe they worked on more than one track together for her album Moonlight?

  3. Pitbull

    Back in April there were rumors that Ariana and Pitbull were working together, so timing wise this makes perfect sense since Ari finished the track at the beginning of May. However, the vocals don't sound like anything we've heard from Pitbull before, but it's not uncommon for producers to distort vocals.

  4. ASAP Rocky

    ASAP Rocky isn't opposed to lending his talents to pop stars, recently teaming up with Selena Gomez on her track, "Good For You," so it's no wonder that some fans are thinking the mystery man could be the rapper.

  5. The Donkey From Shrek

    OK, it's definitely not the Donkey from "Shrek," but whoever is singing does sound a little like Eddie Murphy, who played the Donkey in the hit movies.