Ariana Grande's Reaction To Sniffing Shirtless Men Is Perfect

It's been a big day for Ariana Grande. From releasing her new single "Focus" (and its video) to doing interview after interview while not revealing who in fact that guy on the chorus is, she's keeping all eyes on her.

Ariana made an appearance on "Ellen" Friday (October 30) for the Halloween episode while dressed as a cow. While we had our own predictions on why exactly she chose that particular costume, Ariana claims she picked it out because she "figured it'd be cute."

Later on, Ellen had her play a game where she had to identify her new fragrance "Ari" on three different men -- two being shirtless and buff as hell. Ariana reacted as one would while touching shirtless men blindfolded. She freaked out when she touched the first dude, shouting, "that's a nipple!" She wasn't wrong. In the end, "Ari" happened to be on a fully clothed man who was also named "Ari." Makes sense.