The 1975 Hang Out With 'Harry Styles' In Very Pink 'Love Me' Video

Everyone was there! We’re looking at you Andy Milonakis.

By Chandra Johnson

In The 1975’s music video for “Love Me,” the Manchester foursome have, um, really transformed themselves.

The video, directed by Diane Martel (ya know, the woman responsible for bringing us videos like Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”), takes us through a bunch of WTF scenes -- some of which include lead singer Matthew Healy sippin’ and spillin’ champagne whilst hanging out with a ton of celebrity cutouts (oh hey, Harry Styles!). Casual.

There’s also a hot tub, a magical floating guitar and some uncomfortable -- yet amazing -- dance moves from Matty, who is, by the way, wearing leather pants, Hedwig-esque eye makeup and is, YASSSSS, shirtless the entire time.

Before you watch the whole video, here are some highlights to brace yourself for:

  1. A certain One Direction member gets some tongue action from Matty.
  2. Matty hangs with all of his friends. Talk about popular!
  3. Why is Matty licking someone’s foot? WHY?!
  4. Matty splashing about in the hot tub with his friends like pop stars do.
  5. Drummer George Daniel may have transformed into a vampire or a Disney prince or we’re not sure what.
  6. Doing his best Mick Jagger moves.

BRB watching this a thousand times to make sense of it all!